New Patient Enquiries

Did you know? We issue up to £30,000 of new patient enquiries to our practices’ on a daily basis!

Patients are always finding there way to you through our “Where’s my Nearest Finance 4 Patients practice” on page on our website.

We distribute over £30,000 of new patient enquiries to our registered practices to arrange a treatment consultations.

Clearly this is a very strong indication that patients are shopping around and provides evidence that offering finance consistently, will help attract new enquiries and convert treatment plans.

If you would like to send us a testimonial, we can include this in the testimonial section of the website with a link directly back to your website for browsing patients to contact you. We’ll put your logo up on our “Where’s my Nearest Finance 4 Patients practice” and promote you when patients come through.

Click here to view our testimonial page and see the type of letters and emails we received from some of the practices that we work with

Thank you for your continued support!